Molly Top tube Brussels !!! New explosions in airport and metro terror attacks

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Brussels !!! New explosions in airport and metro terror attacks

my dog's vet. I had to get him checked out because of his allergies getting worse. I told him everything that happened with Arcia and his aggression issues. He said nine times out of ten that Ty didn't mean to kill the cat because if his intent was to kill, then there would have been a lot of . He said the fact that she was covered in his saliva meant that he was probably licking her once she wasn't moving to try and "revive" her. I explained the history of Ty, well what I knew of it and he said, even though the situation was a tough one, he doesn't think Ty is viscious. (He's not one of those avid pit lovers either, all his dogs are dachsunds.) He was observing Ty and how he interacts with my boyfriend and I and he said in his opinion, my BF needs to establish his dominance!! He said he could tell that Ty viewed me as "alpha". He said once we establish the "pecking" order, we will see an immediate change in the dog and that will make it easier for him to take the place in his "pack" as below the children. He said, if I have the patience, it would even work out with my other cat as long as the situation was supervised. This info calms me a little but it doesn't bring my cat back. I told my BF to establish dominance, he needs to be the one walking him first of all. I can look Ty in the eyes and he will drop his head, but when my boyfriend does it, he stares back. All I know is he needs to do something with that dog soon.



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